Biocell MycoAid, 12.5kg

Code: W-F0133

In recent years we have seen a growing awareness of the importance of mycotoxins, and their potential for affecting health and production. Traditional approaches to dealing with mycotoxins proved to be effective, but sometimes limited, depending on the type of challenge. Today, at Biocell Agri, we offer the most advanced mycotoxin deactivator available, complimenting the Biocell range of ruminant yeast products. Mycocell matches Biocell in being the most advanced product of its type, and here is why, when and how you should use it. Does my feed contain Mycotoxins? If there are moulds present, the probability is that there are also mycotoxins. However, there are many different types, so the impact on livestock can vary from marginal to resulting in death. If you identify the symptoms, take the following steps: • Throw away mouldy feed • Dilute with uncontaminated feed • Feed Mycocell or Mycocell combi to counteract effect. How do I know if I need it? Mycotoxicosis, the manifestation of mycotoxin poisoning, has long been appreciated as an acute cause of poor animal performance. It is only recently that chronic, subclinical mycotoxin load has been appreciated as a cause of poor animal performance and increased disease susceptibility. The adverse effects of mycotoxins are thought to be due to both a direct effect on the animal and indirect by suppression of the immune system. Indications • Feed intake is reduced • High incidence of digestive upsets • Presence of a lot of mucous in the manure • A high incidence of disease associated with depressed immune function, such as pneumonia and infertility • Presence of tissue oedema. Swelling can be seen in the brisket, udder and hock areas, cows are very sensitive, this is associated with Fusarium Mycotoxins • A high rate of abortion or foetal re-absorption without obvious infectious disease involvement • A general unthrifty appearance of the cattle with lower milk production than would be expected, cows could have rough hair coats, a 'sad' appearance and generally a slightly arched back. The ration would indicate more milk production and better appearance than is evidenced by the cows.