Pre Dipping with the PURE FOAM SYSTEM can dramatically improve your milking routine, increase milk yields and enhance animal welfare.

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CALF PEN HYGIENE - Cryptosporidiosis and Coccidiosis Prevention

Calf pneumonia and calf scours cost the dairy sector many millions every year. Whether it be death, reduced feed conversion or limited growth, the costs of veterinary treatment will quickly add up.

Kenocox reduces Neonatal Calf Diarrhoea, particularly in the critical early days after birth. It is highly effective combatting the spread of NCD where young animals are in close confinement.

Kenocox is a broad-spectrum disinfectant highly effective against endoparasites.

Mastitis Management & Detection

Of the three major dairy herd problems, Mastitis, Fertility and Lameness, it’s Mastitis that costs the most; anything from £70 to £250/per annum per cow.

We strongly recommend all dairy farmers sign up to milk recording as a high somatic cell count is an early indication of Mastitis. To find out how we can help, please call Derek Patterson on +44 (0) 7848 0030 69.