Biocell Lac - 5kg Bucket

Code: W-F0104

The benefits of feeding the live yeast can now be realised with very young calves prior to and during weaning. It is also ideal for bottle-rearing lambs. Biocell lac has been developed specifically for daily mixing into liquid milk or milk replacer. The live yeast is incorporated into a lactose base for palatability and easy mixing.

Biocell lac encourages early rumen development, allowing higher levels of concentrates to be introduced sooner. Trials show that intakes of calf coarse mix can increase by up to 25% in the weaning period.

Key benefits

  • Dry matter intake is increased
  • Liveweight gain is increased
  • Effects of E.coli are reduced
  • Mortality is reduced
  • Feed efficiency is improved
  • Feed efficiency is improved

How it works

Biocell lac increases the number and activity of specific beneficial bacteria and competes with pathogenic organisms for adhesion sites on the intestinal wall. It is not degraded in the stomach of the pre-ruminant calf and not affected by antibiotics. Metabolism is enhanced, toxins are neutralised and nutrients better absorbed.

Biocell lac reduces digestive problems by preventing the growth of pathogenic agents:

  • Certain pathogens fix to the yeast cell surface (over 200 E.coli per cell), the yeast/pathogen complex is rapidly excreted from the gut, and the ratio of Lactobacilli to colibacilli is increased
  • Specific metabolites produced by the live yeast neutralise the effects of toxins.

Intake of calf coarse mix increases during the weaning period, resulting in earlier weaning. Concentrates are introduced sooner and live-weight gains are greatly increased. Introducing Biocell farm mix into the ration helps to maintain a stable rumen pH, and rumen production of acetate rather than methane ensures that calves increase daily gain through improved feed conversion.

Available in 5kg buckets, to be fed at 5g per head per day or 2.5g per head twice a day if preferred.