Biocell Farm Mix - Pure Live Yeast 12.5kg

Code: W-F0103

Increases numbers and activity of bacteria – Dry Matter intake is increased Improves use of energy and protein – Enhancing milk yield and quality Maintains stable rumen pH – Reducing the risk of acidosis Enhances enzyme activity – Stimulating fibre digestion Efficiency of rumen function increased – Improving feed utilisation Converts lactic acid in high starch diets – Increasing supply of energy and protein Reduces methane production – Reducing waste and increasing efficiency Increase performance and feed conversion Biocell increases the numbers and activity of specific lactate utilising rumen bacteria, improves fibre digestion and increases feed intake. Production of rumen volatile fatty acids is increased, and this improves energy supply for extra yield and milk quality. High starch diets often lead to a build up of damaging lactic acid in the rumen, leading to acidosis. Biocell farm mix helps to remove the lactic acid more rapidly, creating a stable rumen pH and enabling the essential rumen microflora to complete the effective breakdown of fibre and increasing the supply of energy and protein. With high fibre diets, Biocell can stimulate higher forage intake. This improved rumen activity aids fibre digestion and improves feed conversion. Trials carried out with different qualities of feed show that supplementing the feed with Biocell yeast significantly limits the pH drop in the rumen. This is seen when the diet is rich in starch and rapidly fermentable sugars. Studies have also shown that the flow of microbial proteins leaving the rumen is increased, and that Biocell is able to limit the N degradability of protein from feed origin. This results in an enhanced supply of amino-acids entering the small intestine. Feeding Biocell farm mix removes oxygen from the rumen, improving fibre digestion and feed intake. All these microbiological and biochemical modifications of the rumen can improve productive performance in beef cattle, particularly growth, feed efficiency, and carcass quality. Biocell farm mix is easily mixed in-feed or incorporated in TMR. Available in 12.5kg bags, to be fed at 25g per head per day.